The world of dating has changed massively over the years. With the innovations in the internet and the tech industry, we’ve gone from asking people out at the local pub, to setting up online profiles with intensive matchmaking questionnaires that assess us in depth for our taste in music, our dislikes and our inside leg measurements. Well, that’s how it feels, at least.

We date online because we simply don’t have time to meet people in conventional settings anymore. We are all seemingly busy workaholics with no hours in the day to date and go for drinks or dinner. While conventional dating surrounds romance and fun, online dating introduces logic and efficiency. Which is, you know, romantic for those of us who need a little structure.

With more and more people moving their dating preferences to the world of the internet, more matches are made at face value online than they are from things like a look, a smile and even basic body language. So, the way we date is changing and this means the goals are changing, too. Workaholic or not, you still want to meet someone and fall in love. Enter online dating, your platform for fun, friendship and frolics. Below, you’ll find a list of top tips for dating online – because goals should always be ticked!

Know Your Intentions

You can’t go out into the dating world and guess what you want. Knowing what you’re looking for is a vital piece of the dating puzzle. It helps you to quickly assess the type of person you want and with it, helps you to cut corners. If you’re looking for a relationship which you are aiming to turn serious, you need to focus your dating around others looking for the same thing. If you’re just looking for casual (safe) sex, be clear on that, too.

It Takes Effort

You may be working online, but dating isn’t a job. It takes effort on your part and you should have some fun with it! It’s so much easier to put yourself out there with the cover of a screen, but it’s also the best place to be yourself and make an effort to do so at all times. This way, suitors get to know YOU before they judge your looks and body language.

Stay Safe

The beauty of meeting someone online is you can get to know them without the pressure of being face to face. However, online dating should remain fun and it can be when practiced safely. When you arrange an online date, let someone know where you’ll be and make it known to your date that you’ve let your best friend know. Always meet up publicly and be a little old fashioned; keep sex out of the first date. Dating can be fun when you know you’re secure.

Your online dating goals should surround you meeting someone and having a blossoming relationship. Whatever you want from your online dating efforts can be achieved; so go forth and date!

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