Old Style Dating Founder Dennie Smith has loads of tips and advice to those looking for love, dating or just navigating being single over the festive period.

My overall top tip is to remember what’s important in life and enjoy being around the people you love and who are the most important to you. This will communicate itself to any potential partner. Be present and enjoy the moment, embrace festive experiences and don’t engage in any body language which suggests you are ‘desperate’, ‘fed up’ or ‘jaded’.”

Dennie has some tips for singles at Christmas:

  1. Enjoy spending time with your loved ones and people who matter.
  2. Enjoy making your own decisions, without having to run everything by a partner.
  3. Book a holiday for 2020, there’s plenty of companies for solo travellers or embrace being a solo in a group.
  4. Buy yourself a great book, and enjoy reading
  5. Plan something new for 2020. It could be a new hobby, a new sport, a new job.

If you are dating over Christmas here are some key things to consider:

  1. Relax, don’t expect too much from your date. Don’t expect to be taken to the Ritz.
  2. Don’t pre-judge your date, stop checking his or her profile on social media. Find out in a natural way when you meet in person.
  3. Avoid comparisons with your exes
  4. Don’t discuss your ex, that’s very off putting – and if asked keep the conversation short yet light. This shows it’s well and truly over.
  5. Be honest from day one – don’t be afraid to share your general likes and dislikes.

Where to go for a date over Christmas?

    1. Presumably you will have had some contact prior to your date so find out if he/she likes Christmas in the same way as you.
    2. How about ice-skating?
    3. A Christmas favourite can be very romantic – mulled wine etc.
    4. If you are not as into that festive mode, ask what your date most enjoys doing when they are out and about.
    5. Try to choose something you both will enjoy – so that if you feel the chemistry is not there, you can have a good time as friends.

I’m sure these tips will help you have a Merry Dating Christmas

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