Lockdown 2.0, it’s put a bit of a dampener on the dating scene, hasn’t it?! You’ve clicked with someone who loves meeples as much as you do and had plans of spending hours of dates huddled round a table deliberating your next move. So what now?! How can you still play board games with your date during lockdown? We’ve rounded up our top tips to take your favourite tabletop games online and do dating the 2020 way.

Dungeons and Dragons

The team over at D&D have crafted a clever new marketing campaign: “Stay at Home. Play at Home”. They have pulled together a whole host of tips and brilliant free resources to take your D&D campaign online, using Zoom. So if you haven’t quite got round to introducing your date to your D&D party then now might be a perfect time. You never know, their Chaotic Neutral Orc Barbarian might just be the perfect partner to your Lawful Evil Gnome Warlock.

If you’ve not branched out to hosting your RPG online yet, our top tip would be to get yourself an account with Roll20.net, the virtual tabletop simulator. Of course, you have the purist method of just telling the story and allowing your party to visualise their adventures in their minds or you can head to Roll20. You will find countless campaigns, with all the rules, maps and everything you need to make your session a success at the click of a mouse. Your DM can control the map, move players around, spawn enemies and you can all visually see your dice rolls on the screen.

Online Board Games

One of the most streamlined ways to play tabletop board games online is through Tabletop. It’s a simulator, played through Steam, and has thousands of digital versions of everyone’s favourite games. You could set up a video call with your date and spend hours trawling through the library and getting some good game time in!

You can also play Lords of Waterdeep online, available through Steam, iOS and Google Play. You can play this online against other players so it works well for a virtual board game date! The creators have put a lot of thought into how the original tabletop game can be translated for the digital world and they’ve done a great job designing the map and navigational tools.

One of our favourite games, Ticket to Ride, has a brilliant online presence. You can download the app on iOS, Google Play, your Kindle or access it through Steam. You can host online games that cross platforms, so don’t worry if your date has an iPhone and you have an Android! It’s a great game to pick up and play, quick to learn and can become very tactical. You can even access some of the expansion maps (for an additional fee). If your date hasn’t levelled up from Scrabble and Monopoly just yet then Ticket to Ride is the perfect gateway game to open their eyes to the world of board games beyond what they might find in their local toy shop!

Not More Zoom Calls?

If you and your date have the same taste in board games then a great way of playing together is to bust open two copies of the same game at your respective houses and play via Zoom. This works especially well for cooperative board games.

We have tested this method with a recent game of Pandemic and it worked brilliantly! One half of the party had all of the game components out and was in charge of drawing the cards from the infection deck and player deck for everybody, they were effectively in the driving seat. The other party on the Zoom call searched through their own player deck for the matching cards to make up their hand. They were then able to mimick all the actions from the main board on their own so that they can see what is happening in front of them. It’s as close as you can get to sitting around the same board, whilst being able to physically play the game instead of using all the virtual tools at your disposal.

Sometimes, playing board games with people is the best way to get to know somebody. Conversation flows easily and you get to see how their brain, works all while having fun! So just because we’re in lockdown again, it doesn’t mean that you have to put dating on hold – take it online and bring your favourite games with you. We hope that we’ve given you some inspiration to keep those game nights flowing. May the dice (or cards) be ever in your favour!

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