The Traditional Dating Club was founded in 2017 by a mum who wanted to help find her daughter love, away from the apps that didn’t have respectful daters. Spotting a gap in the market for old fashioned courtship based on morals an manners, this community was founded under a different name and has since been rebranded. This is a community where the experts behind the scenes want daters to be carefully vetted by humans with the common goal of dating in a kind, considerate way on a site based on morals, manners and chivalry. 

The site is now owned by respected Dating & Relationship Expert Sarah Louise Ryan who is a dating coach, Relationship Therapist and Matchmaker who owns dating agencies in London based on singles who want deep connection and real commitment for a long-lasting relationship. 

The end goal of The Traditional Dating Club is the same of any site; for singles to find a match. But with so many people having bad experiences online, we want to do better. To help give the best courting experience to our users, we manually check every profile, and never hesitate to politely suggest that they change their profile photo or perhaps the wording in their profile, to help them create a polished and approachable profile for other users to engage with.

Sarah Louise Ryan Says… 


“I’ve been a personal matchmaker for 12 years. When working with this community it was at first a passion project with the founder as we turned it into the brand is is now, the Traditional Dating Club I saw how so many daters had the values and ethos of those in my matchmaking communities and wanted to share my expertise, knowledge and ability to connect singles here at the Traditional Dating Club. I love dating businesses with heart, run by humans and this club was one of them. We’ve got many success stories here and can’t wait to continue creating more for the next decade or so.”


 Why The Traditional Dating Club? 

Integrity to us simply means, honesty, manners, respect, and loyalty — and, of course, romance would be appreciated too. It’s not old-fashioned at all to want to be treated with respect. And we are passionate about excellent customer service, so rest assured that we will also treat you with great respect: no customer is ever just a number to us. Our team are always on hand to help you.

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you fancy being a part of our club, please sign up today.

Sarah & The Traditional Dating Club Team x 

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You can work on putting your best foot forward in dating, writing and creating the best dating profile for your personality or work through anything that’s holding you back from finding and building a deeply fulfilling relationship. 


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