I’m Dennie.
and everyone always asks me why I created Traditional Dating Club.
My eldest daughter Laurel, like many others was searching for a decent guy on the other dating sites out there. She simply wanted a respectful gent with integrity. Laurel wanted a meaningful relationship, not a quick hook-up; she didn’t want to be discarded with a swipe. I was hearing these same concerns a lot from customers in my hair salon. It lead me to think of creating my own online dating site, and it didn’t take me long to act on these thoughts.

The end goal is the same on any site; to find a match. But with so many people having bad experiences online, I want to do better. To help give the best courting experience to our users, we manually check every profile, and never hesitate to politely suggest that they change their profile photo or perhaps the wording in their profile, to help them create a polished and approachable profile for other users to engage with.

I set myself a mission to find all the ladies and gentlemen that I know still exist out there. Admittedly, I didn’t know how big the competition was, and without a huge budget and investors, it has been very tough. However, I have had some fabulous press, and the reception has shown that most seem to love the idea.

We are still in the early stages, but so many people applaud what I am trying to achieve. They are also all fed up with this instant swipe culture, and the bad customer service that often comes with it.

Integrity to me simply means, honesty, manners, respect, and loyalty — and, of course, romance would be appreciated too. It’s not old-fashioned at all to want to be treated with respect. And I am passionate about excellent customer service, so rest assured that I will also treat you with great respect: no customer is ever just a number to me. Our team are always on hand to help you.

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you fancy being a part of our new venture, please sign up today.Thanks for reading.

Dennie x

Dennie’s Guide to Online Dating

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P.S. in my other life I have a passion for antiques and recently was a contestant in the BBC show Make Me A Dealer.

I am often told that I am a workaholic, as I also run two other businesses — an interior design business, and a vintage Salon. Take a look, and contact me for further details.