Love is such a mystical and elusive thing, and everlasting love seems to be a traditional dream rather than a reality these days to people. Even with all the online dating sites and dating apps, such as Traditional Dating Club, GeekMeet, Bumble, eHarmony and Elite to name but a few, singles still often tell me they are still looking for this magical experience, this all-encompassing relationship in their life but do not even know really what they should be looking for.

They do not know how to know if they have found it so here are a few tips to let you know you have found gold while digging in the dirt.

1.They are your friend first

This is not an obvious one because some how we think our lovers are not really our friends, but they should be. They should be and act like our best friend would. They should show integrity and honesty towards you. So, when you meet someone who puts your needs on par with their own, who is respectful and thoughtful this could be a sign of true love.

2. When you can be completely yourself

When you can be completely yourself-the good, the bad and the ugly and they love you all the same then this is a very special thing. When someone accepts you completely, it is a very strong sign that this person could be the one.

3. You can just hang out together

When the two of you can just be. Just being together doing nothing is a sign of contentment and that you do not need anything else but each other’s company. When just being with the other person is enough, it is another very positive sign that this could be love.

4. When you have the same value and goals

Values are the glue that keeps a relationship together. If you have common goals and values, then this is a great foundation for a solid union. If you both want the same things out of the relationship and are exclusive, it is another very promising sign of a long-term future together.

5. If you have called off the search

If you have stopped looking for what feels like a missing person in your life and feel there is no one better out there for you, not even on the best online dating website.

If you feel this person respects you, wants the best for you and tries their best to make you happy and you love them too. If the search has ended because you are happy. This is one the biggest signs that you have more than likely found the one.

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