Online dating is a platform for singles to start the search for their someone. Whilst it can feel tricky to begin with regarding how to successfully navigate it or refine the process as you look to find that certain someone, it must be told that it is not exclusive to a specific age, gender or anything otherwise.

You also don’t have to be the most technically sound person in the world to create an online dating profile or start swiping with the online world of singles either. It’s really simple you have to just know what pools to be swimming in and how to stand out in the modern dating crowd.

I would highly recommend these steps in the first instance to ensure you’re setting yourself up for modern dating success:

1. Ensure you know what kind of person you would like to meet.

Get clear on who they are, their kind of calibre and what interests they may have. At this point when you start to form an idea about who he or she may be you will start to get a clearer picture perhaps of the kinds of online dating sites or apps they may be using.

2. Start doing your research on what kinds of sites are out there.

Make sure you find online dating sites and applications that marry up with your wants, values, needs and end relationship goals. You will be able to figure that out by doing various bits of research online and google searching reviews and what kinds of people and experiences users commonly have on there.

3. Start creating a profile which helps you stand out from the crowd.

I would highly recommend using a photograph or handful if that’s an option of recent snaps. Make sure they are of you on your own – don’t include other people or pets but do think about interesting talking points and what people may find interesting when they take a quick snapshot look at the photos you have chosen.

4. Write a few words about yourself that are snappy and may pose questions.

Give it some thought and attention to detail explaining your interests, passions and things that are relevant and recent. If you want to sieve out those who are not on your wavelength you are welcome to also state your intentions in a delicate way so you attract those who are relationship-minded, if that’s what you’re looking for.

5. Open your conversations

Open your conversations with like-minded singles having asked them a question about their profile, photographs or something that shows that you’ve paid interest to them as a person, not just as a profile. Online dating requires patience but ensure you enjoy the process and keep engaging with people throughout.

Just know that when it comes to love that it knows no bounds, that includes age or anything else. If you feel like you would like to connect with other singles who are relationship-minded, traditional and mindful of making meaningful conversations then ensure to sign up to online dating sites with people on your wavelength.

If you feel like you’re struggling to set up a profile or work out how to positively connect with people that you like you can always check out relevant dating advice, see our agony aunt column by dating and relationship expert Sarah Louise Ryan or reach out to our founder Dennie Smith who has all the time in the world for lovely singles like you.

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