You have to accept that not every two relationships are the same and so the next significant other in your life will not be like your previous relationship and there is beauty to be found in that. You want to cherish what you had with your previous partner rather than focus on recreating it.

Just know there will be others out there looking to meet someone like you too and their difference to your previous partner might also spark something new inside of you too. So start to shift your focus to welcoming the new, the beauty in the possibilities rather than bringing your thought process back to a place of lack.

When you sit thinking about or immersing your feelings and thoughts in a place of lack e.g. not having what you once had you may keep yourself in a low vibration. You can shift your mindset and bring yourself into a higher vibration (if that resonates with you) by practising gratitude for what you have once had and entering the feeling of openness for another love that is yet to come.

Focus on being the energy you would like to attract. If you are starting to feel hopeless and as though “all the good ones are taken” you may attract others into your life that feel equally as hopeless.

Start to shift your focus onto the things that light you up and seem to set your soul on fire, this will help you to feel full and passionate and radiate the highest, happiest version of you – happiness is the most attractive trait and you may well start to attract more people into your life – practising more hobbies and being in the world in real life situations where you may cross paths with some likeminded souls. So in a nutshell, do more of what makes you happy.

Think about the pools of people/singles you are swimming in – do their values and intentions resonate with you? Do you feel that you are equally communicating your values, wants and relationship goals clearly, honestly (with yourself and others) and authentically in order to be in a position to attract more of the kinds of people you would like to meet in your life.

Enjoy the process. Make sure you see meeting new people as just that – this will shift the focus and the pressure from the idea that the next person you meet needs to be or should be the last person you date. Enjoy it, learn from it and if you aren’t currently enjoying it then seek to find out how you can adapt and improve your dating journey.

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