If you’re single and searching to connect with like-minded people you might be thinking modern dating is like a minefield and you wouldn’t be far wrong. Dating today in the UK, and the world over in fact, is complex and there are so many options to meet other singles which can result in a paradox of choice.

The Traditional Dating Club is here to make things really simple for you. Our mission is to bring people together based on traditional values, courteous conversations and real connection. If you’re searching for a significant other and you really want a simple process, we’re the singles club for you.

We promote accountability in the dating process and hold expectation for our community members to be authentic, honest and true to others in their intention when it comes to navigating modern dating. We promote equality and positivity in the dating process too.The TDC is a place where both men and women alike are encouraged to be themselves in both their masculine and feminine energy, yet, eradicating all toxicity which can sometimes be found in other spaces for singles who are searching to connect.

There really is no algorithm here and what we have is a platform for you to create a profile, meet other people who are looking to build something significant romantically. All of the members of our club have their profiles vetted by a human being, photos and all – it’s a labour of love but it’s so important to set us aside from dating apps and algorithms. We hold our community to a high standard of telling other members more about them, what keeps them ticking and what they’re looking for and we have great testimonials to boot.

If you’re feeling swiped out or modern dating apps burnt out we encourage you to just keep going and be brave – finding love always favours those who are bold and tenacious in the process, no matter their previous romantic experiences. If you’re ready to try something new that’s people orientated with success stories in mind for the end goal then perhaps The Traditional Dating Club is for you and we’d love welcome you.

We really think simple dates where you get to know one another, check out chemistry and see how you feel with someone else is key. We encourage singles to be pro-active in their connection and once they’ve established some common ground to get offline and connect in real life, where real relationships are built.

No complexities – just a simple and enjoyable dating process for people who want to feel part of a community of singles who have significant relationships in mind.

Want to join us and join the club? We’d love to have you and hear all about who you are and the kind of person you are looking to meet.

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