If you have been dating someone new during these surreal times and things are going well there’s every chance that you will be thinking of being physically intimate and wondering how to best navigate that given the changing guidelines around distancing and being sociable.

It’s important to know that C-19 can be passed on through being in close proximity to anyone not in your household, so that, unfortunately does mean when you are with someone new who doesn’t live with you and our recommendations would always be to manage this situation using official government guidelines.

Here are a few tips around intimacy during COVID-19:

1. You can limit the risk of catching COVID by sustaining intimacy with one partner who you have known for an extended period of time. Modern dating can be tricky and both emotionally and physically intimately singles navigating the search more often than not do not commit to exclusivity with one another until some time into the courtship.

However, during these surreal times we recommend to exclusively remain with one sexual partner who you trust is not going to be having multiple other sexual partner (also please see current and most up to date guidelines).

2. The surreal times of self-isolation can bring around feelings of loneliness and wanting to connect with others in the dating space both emotionally and sexually. You must know that the best and deepest form of intimacy you can have is the relationship you have with yourself.

This is always first and foremost and matters the most. If you want to attract someone into your life ensure you are practising self care, you’re doing it for all the right reasons and during these surreal times you feel like you’re in a good place to welcome someone else into your physical and emotional space.

3. Emotionally connect. Get clear on what you want both inside and outside of the bedroom in modern dating. If you’re serious about meeting someone and building a serious relationship, as a single navigating modern dating it can be easy to get distracted by shiny things (singles that aren’t right for you) and so,

if you haven’t yet figured out what you want between the sheets, beyond the sheets leading to something emotionally significant then start to map out what your ideal dating journey looks like, as well a your ideal relationship.

4. If you have decided to social bubble with your new significant other and want to sustain the romance and excitement of a new spark it would be beneficial to make sure you carve out your ‘you’ space in the day and your ‘we’ space to keep the intimacy alive in the early days.

Our differences are what bring us together and allow for a flame to burn bright, when we know too much too soon you might run the risk of dimming the desire and your romance being a whirlwind. Be mindful of your physical and emotional space when social bubbling / isolating with someone new.

5. Make sure you’re having fun and it’s always on both of your terms mutually. The thing is about modern dating, singles can often feel and be let down when expectations aren’t managed emotionally and sexually.

Make sure you are communicating what you want and what you need at all points so you are in the driving seat of creating the dating journey to love that you desire. Be open about your needs, wants and relationship goals but remember to have loads of fun along the way.

If you want to find out more about how our dating expert team of matchmakers can help you create the dating life that you truly want and desire we’d love to hear from you.

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