Where do you begin?

With so much choice it really is quite daunting.

Our advice is firstly think about your intentions?

Most sites are quite niche and cater for a whole variety of dating requirements!

Many are very open that they provide a service for one looking for a casual hook up.

Where as others will promote your search for a more meaningful relationship.

Of course we would love to welcome you on ours.

We hear constantly that ‘fake profiles’ are the biggest gripe.

Therefore we do the swiping for you!

We are different because we have humans, not bots or moderators manually checking every single profile.

We send you regular newsletters full of valuable dating advice.

We are always on call to help with any issues at all, via phone or email whichever suits you best.

We are still building our community, but are welcoming new respectful singles daily.

Traditional Dating Club is suited for the single who misses dating how it used to be. When respect and good manners were the norm.

Geek Meet is for you to feel totally comfortable sharing your passion what ever that may be? Match romantically with a like-minded partner in a safe environment.

Both sites are family businesses and run with honesty and passion.

With us you will never be just a number but a valuable member of our community.❤️💜

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For more online dating advice and information about our mission to bring traditional values into modern dating continue to read our other blog posts.

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