Are you ready to break free from, or shed the limiting or toxic relationship patterns that block you from finding or feeling confident in love or building the fulfilling, healthy relationship you want and deserve?


Are you ready to replace limiting belief systems with empowering ones and be in the driver’s seat of your own love life?


Do you feel stuck and know you want to change these patterns but don’t know how or feel unable to take steps to change them?


Are you ready to truly change the way you show up in partnership and live the love story you want to tell? I know, I have been there and created this workshop to demystify this process and empower you with the knowledge, tools, and practices to empower you to do exactly that!


Does this sound like you?

💭 Do you feel like relationships feel like an ‘emotional rollercoaster’; going from ‘extreme highs’ or emotionally intense to ‘extreme lows’?

💭 Do you feel like, or do your friends/family say you always date the same emotionally unavailable, noncommittal, unreliable person in a different body?

💭 Do you find yourself hiding or changing parts of yourself or not showing up authentically in partnership?

💭 Do you ‘see the red flags’ or have an instinct someone you date isn’t right, but go for it anyway only to regret it months or years later?

💭 Do you find yourself dating or settling for people that don’t choose you?

💭Do you find yourself lying to your friends about what your partner did or didn’t do because you’re too ashamed, to tell the truth?

💭 Are you often frustrated you ‘feel more in’ or ‘giving more’ than your partner?

💭Do you desperately want to find love, but then when you are in partnership you feel trapped, or really into someone and then when they show interest in you back off or lose interest?

💭Do all your relationships last up to the 6/12/24 month mark and then turn unhealthy or you break up?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone, you are not to blame or ‘broken’! Quite the opposite, it is nearly impossible to not repeat the patterns you are programmed with! 


The truth is, you can’t change what you are unaware of. Uncovering the messages you consciously or subconsciously learned growing up or through past experiences (what you saw, were told or how you were treated) which created your current programming, is the key to changing those patterns that no longer serve. Here’s the good news; our past experiences and programming might create our patterns and current experience of love, but you can replace and upgrade those patterns with supportive ones and therefore begin to receive the aligned love you authentically want.


The Workshop is designed to help you illuminate the limiting beliefs and programming that show up in your daily experience of love and empower you with the framework of understanding, transformational somatic and narrative practices and tools to enable you to reprogram your love patterning from limiting, inauthentic and harmful to empowering, expansive and aligned! By recognising and shedding these old psychological or emotional patterns around love or partnership that no longer serve, you can start making actionable changes to how you show up in your life and love.


In this workshop, you will learn…. 

⚡ How by looking at the past, or origin story, we learn that we have a choice, either to keep re-enacting the past or to reconstruct our future

⚡ How to shed the psychological or emotional patterns you have around love and partnerships

⚡ How do experiences, and relationships you saw and had in childhood inform your patterns today (how you communicate, think, behave, choose partners etc.) in love

⚡ How the route to finding true aligned love is through understanding your relationship pattern and program

⚡How, who we attract or are attracted to are ‘hardwired’ into our brains and bodies and how to change it

⚡ What is neuroplasticity and how to harness its power to upgrade your default behaviour and thought patterns in the brain

⚡Why do you keep making the same ‘mistakes’, attracting the same partners, or feeling the same way in relationship after relationship

⚡How relationships with parents and partners mirror each other and how to break cycles in relationship dynamics


Who this workshop is for?


This workshop is for singles and couples who want to learn more about relationships. If you are tired of working hard at your relationships but never really quite getting what you want from a relationship or your partner, this workshop is for you. Sharing your origin story, relationship blocks or patterns is encouraged but not compulsory. It can be vulnerable to do so, but we will create a safe and fun! space to support each other. It requires no previous theoretical understanding or experience of therapy or personal development and offers actionable steps and reflections to implement in your life.

About your event host Julia Scott – Julia helps individuals transform their limiting beliefs, heal their wounded and dysregulating ‘parts’ & learn to reconnect with their authentic self, so they can feel inner peace, freedom and vitality. With greater connectivity and grounding, we naturally begin to live in accord with our unique purpose, and manifest experiences, abundance and connections to support our path towards living the expansive story we are here to tell”