Is feminism marking the end of chivalry and ‘ladylike’ behaviour? Men are confused. Many still believe in old traditions such as ‘ladies first’. With this comes the fear that they cannot be gentlemen without women blasting them over equality.

There are still men who like to act ‘gentlemanly’; there are still women who want to behave ‘ladylike’. Some men like ladies to act in a certain way — by not swearing or drinking from a pint glass. Some women still want men to behave in a certain way and go all gooey when a man pulls out a chair for them. On the contrary, a selection of women will argue that it’s 2020 and they can drink from any damn vessel they choose.

There’s no denying that there has been an imbalance between how society has treated men and women ever since we were inscribing on cave walls. Yes, the men have always tended to get the top jobs and higher salaries — and we’re still working to correct that now.

Let us imagine the Titanic sunk in 2020. Would women still be happy to go first, or would they stand there arguing over ‘equality’ before it’s too late? The male body is naturally physically stronger. That’s not to say women can’t do certain things that are traditionally associated with men: play football, become a firefighter, or race cars.

Men and women are also emotionally and mentally different. That’s been the case since men were apes, or since Adam and Eve — whichever you choose to believe. That doesn’t mean that men cannot get upset, cry, or show their feelings.

Men respect equality — the reception to the Women’s World Cup 2019 was a testament to that. Yet they still appreciate certain behaviours that maketh the man.

Feminism and chivalry can coexist. Being treated with respect and as an equal doesn’t mean eliminating the idea of being a gentlemen.

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Author: Joe Emery

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