You may be over 50 but your not over the hill.

Many older singles are unwilling to start dating again. Especially trying online dating for the first time. And it’s the men who often are the most nervous to step into the dating pool.

Yet as women approach and enter the latter half of their life, they are no longer encumbered with the pressure to change any feature of themselves solely to please a prospective partner. Many women, believe that this is when they enter their prime.

Older women enter the dating scene with an attractive transparency, and an unabashed confidence. Many older women have also faced various challenges in their lives that will have meant a personal sacrifice, and this is a main reason why many do not find love until a late age.

But older women are now ready to put themselves first and find love again, or even for the first time.

Older men, especially widowers lose their confidence but don’t want to remain alone. They worry is it possible to fall in love again?

Of course it is.

Love and laughter are vital for good health, and everybody is entitled to love, so all the more reason to pursue love in older age. People are now living for longer, and older men love confident older women. Older women seek lasting relationships and not flings, and they now know exactly what kind of man they want.

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