We are always amused by all these dating terms as illustrated below.

In our opinion, it can all be boiled down to bad manners. Dating is not unlike any other way of life in the sense that everyone should always be honest and respectful with each other. That these terms exist is perhaps a sad sign of a decline in honesty in dating.

We don’t associate with any of these terms, and that’s why we encourage traditional values such as good manners and honesty.

Our site is populated with only those singletons who also uphold these values.

Hard balling

Daters are not messing around. They will be looking for something more serious.


There’s no in, just out. All the effort is coming from one side.


People who are looking for compatibility based on their zodiac sign.


When someone sends dick pics but has used editing/ other to increase the size of their manhood.


When someone dumps you just before Christmas so they don’t have to buy a present.

Slow dating

Exactly what it sounds, people taking the time to get to know each other.


More people wanting to date within the area they live in.


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