If you’re currently chatting to other like-minded singles who have the same values and similar interests as you, chances are that you will want to connect further in this time of lockdown. For many, video dating and keeping things online seems surreal but then these are unusual and surreal times that we are all enduring. However, fear not, if you’re single and still want to connect and have meaningful conversations with other Old Style Dating singles across the UK, then here are five top tips for you to consider so you can have successful video dates.

  1. You never get a second chance to make a first impression” this saying is just as true now as it ever was. Traditionally singles that secure a lovely match with us at Old Style Dating want to head out on a date and enjoy getting ready to make an exceptional first impression. We think it’s just as good manners and equally as helpful for your dating mindset if you show up as the best version of yourself for a video date, just as you would normally when heading out to a nice bar, coffee shop or dining spot. So spruce up and put your best foot forward when planning what you will wear to fully create the dating atmosphere that you and your date so deserve.

  3. Set the scene. Make sure you think about where you’re going to pop your phone, tablet or laptop for your video date, make sure you’ve got your tech set up in a space that doesn’t move, you don’t want your date to have a feeling of travel sickness despite not being able to leave their humble abode! Check in on how your background looks and put things behind you that either a) set the ‘date ambience’ scene like a bottle of wine, vase of flowers ect or b) things that really align with who you are so they can get a better view of who you are alongside what you say (more on this below).

  5. Hone in on your hobbies and interests. If you’ve opted for option b when setting the date scene for your video date then you might have a musical instrument behind you if you’re a musical creative, perhaps you’ll have a small pile of books which represent your interests and current reads or if your into wellness and zen perhaps some candles / crystals or calming objects. Whatever your interests are try and bring them to the date scene – it will really help lower the pressure and find a focal point in conversation, pushing talks of Covid-19 and quarantine aside as you focus on each other and getting to grips with who you both really are and what you’re interested in.

  7. Timing and tone is everything. Traditionally, we don’t have dates in the middle of the working day when we are out and about in normal circumstances, so try to re-create a feeling of ‘usual’ for you and your date. You can do this by setting the date and time for the evening and perhaps a weekend where you can really get in the zone of ‘you-time’ and dating. Setting the tone of your date will really help you set yourself up for video dating success by preparing things you might want to share about you or topics you might find interesting to discuss. No pressure but being successful comes with preparation and dating success is no different.

  9. Be your best self, everyone else is taken. Dates should be fun in any circumstance, either on or offline and so try to be creative especially if your chatting leads to a second date online during this time, think about creating shared online cooking experiences, having virtual picnics in the garden together or creating a happy hour on a Friday night where you both show up to create a cocktail and have a fun, friendly but more formal conversation in your video chat.

BONUS TIP: Most importantly, last but certainly not least, manners to us are everything and we want to ensure that even in these virtual times our members and dates have values and manners for each other and in the dating process at the forefront of their minds. It makes it a more enjoyable experience for all and will ensure that even if sparks don’t fly in the video dating space you’ll certainly still have made some incredible new connections along the way during self-isolation.

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