Happy Valentine’s Day from Old Style Dating

We’re sending our love to you.Love from OSD

If you’re not in a relationship as we head towards Valentine’s Day, we hope you’re not dwelling on this too much.

For many, this is a day when commercialisation seems to have taken over – as cards, flowers, chocolates and meal deals are flogged mercilessly.

For those who are online dating, offline dating, older and dating or looking for singles events, it can seem simpler than that.

It’s a perhaps just an unwelcome and traditional reminder that we are single.

But our advice, this February 14, is that it’s no biggie. We certainly don’t need someone else in our life on this day to make it special.

And every good, solid relationship should start with a firm love for ourselves, shouldn’t it?

You could spend the day with family or friends or you may think, why be bothered at all?

We know plenty of our members will be treating themselves, and possibly their pets, to some special activities or favourite meals.

And of course we all realise there are lots of people in relationships who don’t mark this day at all.

Then there are those who make a real show of it, with romantic gestures shared not just between each other, but also among many more over social media.

How grating can that be?

Sometimes we can’t help worrying about the people for whom it seems like if you scratched the surface of their perfect lives, with flowers shared on Facebook, that all is not really so great.

Just because they receive roses or enjoy an eye-wateringly expensive meal, it doesn’t mean they’re genuinely happy does it?

Whatever you’re feeling this Valentine’s Day, we’re just sending our love.

And to those who are members here, we’d like to thank you – from the bottom of our hearts.

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