When you first start dating, it can be normal to start thinking far too deep into the relationship especially if your first impressions of a person are positive. One of those concerns on your mind could be your date’s parents, or perhaps even your own parents.

You might ask yourself questions like “will my parents like them?” or “I wonder what their parents are like?” and it’s usually a good sign that you’re starting to think ahead, especially if you’re both getting along. However, these thoughts can quickly turn negative especially if your first few encounters with their parents don’t go well, or if your own parents are worried about your relationship with your new partner.

But how important is it really to get along with your partner’s family, and in what ways does it affect your relationship? Let’s take a look and explore this subject.

Friction can cause unnecessary stress for your partner

If you and your partner’s parents don’t get along then it can easily cause stressful situations. For instance, your partner might be torn on going out for lunch with their parents or making time to visit you. They probably love and respect their parents and wouldn’t want to miss out on the occasion, but they also would love to see you as well. Forcing them to make decisions like this is never fun for them and it can just cause extra stress.

The ideal situation would be to get along well enough that your partner doesn’t need to pick between you and their parents. You don’t need to be the best of friends, but ensuring that there is no friction will guarantee that your partner won’t feel stressed whenever you’re in the same room with their parents.

If your relationship is serious, then you need to speak with their parents

If you do plan to take your relationship to the next level then meeting the parents is very important. You don’t need to get along completely but it’s never a bad idea to at least settle your differences so that there’s no animosity.

Of course, if you’re lucky and you do get along then there are no issues to be concerned about. By finding common interests that you share and avoiding potentially dangerous topics like politics, you can start to learn more about their parents and find things that you can agree on so that you’ll form a better relationship.

The secret is to show respect even if you don’t get along

Even if you and your partner’s parents don’t see eye to eye, the important thing to remember is respect. Relationships aren’t simple and you can’t please everyone, but as long as you respect your partner’s parents and understand them, you can reach a mutual understanding and eventually create a bond that might not be friendly all the time, but at the end of the day, both of you just want what’s best for your partner.

After all, your loyalty is to your partner and not their parents, so your number one priority should always be your partner. They just want you to get along with their parents so if that means occasionally gritting your teeth and attending a dinner, the least you could do is show respect and try to get along.

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