Humans are emotional creatures. I feel if we kept this in the fore front of our minds at all times when dealing with people the world would be a much better place. We are very sensitive beings with fragile hearts that can find it very hard to move on from any kind of great emotional pain.

Now with dating apps and online dating sites people’s feelings have become completely unimportant…. From ghosting to breadcrumbing anything goes as people hide behind screens while swiping on a dating website such as Match or Plenty of Fish. Honesty is the number one thing people look for when online, but a lot of people are not honest at all when it comes to their dealings with other people. If singles are dating online or offline integrity should be shown, and we should always be respectful.

Which brings me to the subject of break ups!

In years gone by, consider it traditional or not, people mostly broke up face to face. They were no phones, so the only options were a letter or in person. Now with dating websites, mobile phones and social media there are numerous ways to hide behind a screen while telling someone you no longer want to see them romantically.

So how should you break up with someone?

The answer, which I feel is not traditional at all, because respect and integrity never go out of fashion, is that you should tell them face to face and as softly as you possibly can while being firm in your decision. If you were in an exclusive relationship with someone it is only right that you end it the same way that you were in it. In an exclusive and committed way. If you have spent time with this person they deserve the last few moments of the relationship to be respectful, empathic and heartfelt even if harsh words have been spoken.

It will also serve you too. You will feel much better about yourself for doing the right thing and being able to hold your head high the next time you meet this person. When you treat people well even when they don’t treat you well, you still win because you are being true to your values, and when you stand up for your values you stand up for who you are and when you stand up for who you are you stand up for yourself.

This deepens your confidence and self esteem. When you have these two things you don’t care what people think of you. You have core confidence because you know who you are. When you do the right thing and treat people the way they should be treated, especially in hard times like breakups, you have no regrets. This is a major factor for happiness in life. And who doesn’t want to be as happy as they can be?

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