The first thing you must do when you are on an online dating site or dating app, be it Coffee Meets Bagel or OkCupied is stand out. A person decides about you based on your photos in a 40th of a second. Your pictures are 90% of your profile. They have to be right to allow you to stand out and get attention. Full length pictures get 200% more messages because the number one thing that singles, trying to connect with someone looks for, is good traditional honesty. Full length pictures show that you are honest and have integrity. Wearing outdoor apparel gives gets you 20% more messages.

Smile in your photos. It shows you are approachable,respectful and a nice person and this will stand to you because most people do not do this on a dating website.

The next step in building attraction and trying to build a connection is messaging. The first message should show that you are giving this person your undivided attention. You do this by going through their profile and picking out something that you can comment on so it will lead to a conversation. For example, if they had a dog in their picture, you could ask what the dogs name is.

Everyone loves someone showing a genuine interest in their life. People also love other people using their names so use their name in the all important first message.

Another great way to build attraction that could lead to an exclusive relationship is through conversation. Make the other person the star. Watch Tom Cruise. He makes the other person feel like they are the only person in the world. You can do this by really listening to what they say and ask open ended questions on what they have said. Get people talking about what they like. When they do this, they feel good and then they associate it with you and want to be with you.

Another tip is to be enthusiastic about the other person and their life. Be genuinely interested in them as a person. Get excited at their wins and sympathetic at their losses. If you do this, you will have real life dates lined up in no time.

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