If you’ve connected with someone online during this surreal time, either through our UK dating site, Old Style Dating, or by other means aligned with good-manners, values and romance in dating, then chances are you’re probably concerned with keeping the spark shining brightly until you can spend more time together IRL (as they say!)

With a little help from our UK Dating Experts we’ve put pen to paper to help you figure out how to manage your new relationship and maintain a happy and healthy courtship as you date during lockdown. It’s important to note that how you feel about yourself and the present situation also reflects how you show up on your virtual dates and with that special someone.

1. Create a routine

A daily routine which factors in a clear definition between personal and professional time will really help you juggle how you think and feel during these surreal times. We human beings thrive when we adhere to routine and so, just because we are home-bound doesn’t mean we need to let the hours, days and weeks merge into one another.

Create your normal (if it is the case) 9 to 5 working space, etch out separate places to work and be virtually sociable during these times so you can have a real catch up and switch off from work on your dates. Ensure that computers are shut down for the weekend (unless you’re using them to connect for a date) and you are able to be together virtually. We know that absence makes the heart grow fonder and creates excitement, so let’s get creative. Think about creating virtual picnics, pop-up bars and a Friday night happy hour for the two of you.

2. Work Out

It’s really important that you are keeping good physical health during this time of not being able to stretch our legs as far as we normally would. There are lots of online workouts and gyms taking classes to live streaming to ensure you can get your workout in. Try to do your best to work out outside of working hours such as in the morning, at lunch or afterwork. You should both be moving your body as much as you can to maintain good spirits with all those endorphins to be the best version of yourselves when you show up for each other on your dates.

3. Communicate

One or both of you might find this time to be particularly testing for a number of factors further to uncertainty such as work pressures, financial pressures, losing physical community, loss of routine and worries about health of oneself and loved ones.

This is all totally normal and you should both use words of kindness and use your highest empathetic self throughout self-isolation, we all fight battles that we might not share with others and using this time to communicate clearly will help you both support each other and will create a strong emotional bond between you two.

4. Connect

Ensure you use this time to connect with that special someone and close friends and family around you, don’t shut romance out either. Try to focus on other things outside of whats going on in the world outside – such as your passions, interests and hobbies.

Spend quality time to explore more conversationally with each other, you may not have this opportunity for down time again. Disconnect from the outside world and find that deep connection romantically with each other.

5. Laughter

We know laughter to be the way into the soul and so use this time to be playful and engage in fun games that will keep you both entertained and get to know one another better. At the core of romantic love is friendship and finding fun ways to hang out to build on that growing friendship so it blossoms into something deeper and more meaningful will ensure you are in good stead to maintain a happy and healthy courtship whilst dating during self-isolation.

Use this time to connect and enjoy the courtship with one another, something we feel gets lost in the modern world of dating. You can explore each others moral compass, values and wants for a loving relationship as well as figure out what makes each other so much fun to be around.

If you have found your certain someone and want to help others with similar values and wants for romance in dating, tell them to drop by and say hi to Dennie & the team at Old Style Dating.

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