We all find laughter attractive.

So why do we consider dating such a serious matter?

It’s important to have a sense of humour when searching for a potential partner.

The past is in the past:

Hands up who’s had a disastrous date. Lots of us have. But you can pick yourself up and keep going, smiling as you do.

At Old Style Dating we work hard to help you find the right person, meticulously vetting everyone’s details to check all is as it should be.

This gives you peace of mind that you are dealing with real people and that you’re not going to be caught out by a fake profile

But chances are you’ve already dipped your toe in dating waters with other less scrupulous sites — and maybe not liked the look or sound of all the fish you’ve caught. It’s easy to get weighed down, doubt yourself and consider hiding away when things go wrong

Here at Old Style Dating we believe that dating should be an enjoyable process.

But we think it’s good to keep a sense of humour, enjoy your dates, laugh about things that happen and keep on keeping on. Put those less than perfect experiences firmly behind you, face the future with confidence and humour and you’ll do great

Relax, smile be you

Always remember laughing at ourselves can be a very endearing quality

If we’re honest then those disastrous dates we mentioned, with the passage of time, they are pretty funny

That’s lucky because as human beings, ‘sense of humour’ may be a number one quality we’re looking for in a potential partner

That positive approach and a chance to enjoy moments together can make a relationship a joy as it deepens

Even when you first meet, that special connection can be the result of sharing a laugh together

It’s such a lovely moment when that happens.

Did you know?

By bringing humour to a date, we are showing the following:

  • Confidence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • An ability to put others at ease
  • Empathy

So, our advice:

  • Don’t clown around too much – help your date laugh with you, not at you!
  • Keep it clean – raunchy jokes may be hilarious but give yourself time to check if your date feels the same way!
  • Don’t make your date the target of your joke – obvious we know but how cringeworthy would this be?
  • Go on – enjoy yourself, smile and appreciate the humour in every date!

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