You can prove anything with statistics can’t you?

That’s why we thought we’d conduct a quick and simple poll on whether love at first sight existed.

We surveyed 100 people on whether this thunderbolt of emotion or rush of attraction is a real thing.

We have good news – according to some (well lots) of those we asked. . . it is!

The actual results? It was pretty much a 50-50 split – okay so it was 46 ‘for’ and 54 ‘against – but looking on the bright side, almost half of people we asked choose to believe in love at first sight – and backed it up with their own sweet stories.

Granted, it wasn’t the most ambitious or scientific research, which basically involved chatting to friends, family and random people in the pub and on social media. . . but we did target an equal number of men and women. Honest.

Okay so more said no, but as we are a ‘glass half full’ type of team we choose to focus on the tantalising possibility that love at first sight can happen at any time.

Sam’s response was pretty typical in the ‘yes’ camp: “I do believe in love at first sight to be honest. I told my wife I was going to marry her the night I met her. I’d had a few beers on the night mind!”

Kate adds: “I knew I loved my husband the first day I met him and he did too. It took a little while for us to realise that that was what it was because we both had our guards up but looking back we both remember not being able to sleep, thinking and talking about the other all the time. Other people saw it and talked about it behind our backs too. It was a magical, special thing.”

Frank says: “Yes, annoyingly, live at first sight does exist. It has got me into all sorts of trouble — marriage, kids etc! Although I tend to think of it as a cascade of synchronous emotional/physical displays that triggers a perfect storm of memory, physiology, emotion and desire. Crossing stars is treacherous business.

On the other side of the argument – that *love* at first sight doesn’t happen, the feeling was that ‘lust at first sight’ was much more likely.

John explains: “So yes I fancied my girlfriend when I first met her and she reliably informs me she felt the same way – but it couldn’t have been love, could it?

Or our respondents suggested, a nice warm fuzzy connection blossomed into love over a longer time.

Leiyu says: “My wife and I met online via a dating site. After several months, we agreed to meet, so I flew 6,000 miles for a blind date. We married in China, had our reception in China (in Mandarin), but settled in the UK. Was it love at first sight? No – but it certainly built and built over time and in varied circumstances.

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