It’s a sad day in the dating industry when you hear of an old favourite not being able to make it through these tricky times. We’re sad to say goodbye to our industry friend and colleagues over at Guardian Soulmates who have been around helping singles meet and date online since 2004.

Modern dating is ever evolving, especially in the online space and singles are always looking for ways to ‘find love and form lasting relationships’ and with Guardian Soulmates they’ve always done what it says on the tin and had good values, attracted great people and had similar goals to us when it comes to making love happen online.

We know all too well that there as so many options for singles when it comes to meeting online today but it’s important to note that it’s not about the quantity in apps in which you download, its about the quality of the experience the users get and the quality in the connections in which they find romantically.

Guardian Soulmates has released a statement of thanks saying: ”We want to say thank you to everyone who has participated in Soulmates and has been part of a like-minded community of people looking for love,” it said.

We really hope that at Old Style Dating we can continue to bring forward similar values and as many quality matches as this age old initiative from The Guardian. From a business stance we also know that providing a free service isn’t always sustainable unless you are saturating singles who are using the app or website with advertising and that’s not we want either.

We’re going to push ahead in honour of Guardian Soulmates helping singles find their partner online and form those real, authentic and lasting connections and as the industry changes and you continue to put your faith in us when it comes to finding a partner, we’ll continue to invest in what we do, bringing good manners and traditions to modern dating.

We want you to be conscious about where you invest your time and energy in dating either online or offline and ask you to think about the pools in which you swim as a single. It’s not about quantity, it’s always about quality and we want to continue bring that to our members in these changing times.

Sign up now and having meaningful conversations with good-mannered singles, free for now. From July 1st we will be creating a nominal recurring fee of £4.99 monthly.

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