Unfortunately not everyone places the same value on honesty when dating, and sometimes such fundamental values don’t align between prospective partners. Maybe your prospective partner thinks that even white lies are harmless?

We don’t.

One of the most common complaints received on dating apps are about misleading photos. Whether the photos simply show the person with more hair, a thinner build, or a different hairstyle it’s still something that is a pet-peeve amongst the users of dating apps.

Many people also lie about their age, and as most people look younger than their given years, they fear that if they put their correct age down it will put off potential suitors.

There are many men whom lie about their height, it’s no secret the ladies seem to be attracted to the taller gent. But you can’t sustain that lie when you meet up can you?

What does that say about you, lying from the off? It sends a message you aren’t trustworthy, and that if you can lie about that, what else could you be lying about? Understandably, you may be insecure or previous rejection may have led you to lie now, but a lie is a poor foundation for a relationship, and a worthy partner will love you for who you actually are.

Don’t sign up until you have a photo that actually represents how you look, and are clear about what you want to write in your bio. There’s nothing worse than reading a boring, “just ask” – you are selling yourself at the end of the day, so push for positive attributes all the way!

Dating should be fun online and offline.

Now you’ve got a solid and honest profile, please remember that you can’t develop a meaningful relationship immediately. Be realistic and patient, and don’t swipe endlessly. We all hear about dating fatigue from Tinder and such like.

Look for a real connection in someone’s profile, and only then send them a polite message safely via the site. If they don’t reply, then don’t take it to heart. If they reject your offer to chat, then simply reply, “thank you for your reply”.

Don’t give up.


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