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Meet the child-free women only date dads

Being a stepmother is the key attraction

Relationship expert Dennie Smith founder of Traditional Dating Club and Geek Meet believes active fatherhood shows not only that a man is capable of a meaningful relationship but also that he isn’t selfish because he’s used to caring for someone other than himself.

And, she adds: ‘A single father isn’t just going to be focused on looks. He’s going to be focused on your character because he’s usually looking for a more serious partner, not a casual fling.’

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New Geek Meet Dating App Press Release – Miss Squiggles

Do you know how many single geeks are out there looking for love, friendship or companionship? If you are mad about dogs, passionate about sci-fi or obsessed with computers, then this new dating app is just for you! Geek Meet is the new dating app that will help you find another like-minded geek to share your love of Star Wars, train spotting, hiking or Scrabble!

Geek Meet offers the love-sick love-seeker the opportunity to find happiness with someone who will share his or her hobby.

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Dennie chatting to the Guardian about her hair salon business

Dennie’s Vintage 62 unisex hair salon in south Croydon had just two 45-minute slots left for the rest of April, and May is nearly all booked up too. “We have been inundated, my phone is literally going 24/7”.

She has spent the last few days completely redecorating the salon in time for the big reopening. “I’ve spoken to hundreds of people and they’re all excited to come back.”

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Are flirty messages cheating? Dennie from OSD says yes!

Are flirty messages cheating? Dennie from OSD says yes!

Dennie talks to Women’s Own on how how cheeky, flirty messages can spiral out of control.

If you really need to flirty with someone else, then you need to ask yourself this – are you happy in your relationship?” – Dennie