We are humans, and naturally we want to connect. Who doesn’t feel better after a simple hug? Unfortunately, during lockdown, that has not been possible. Many singles want to have children, and feel the clock is ticking which causes upset and frustration. Society often adds to this pressure; we are always being asked, “haven’t you met someone yet?” or “oh, you don’t want to leave it too late to have children!“

Many singles have struggled during lockdown. However, even before Covid-19, many people were upset about not being in a relationship. Pandemic or not, consider concentrating on making yourself happy first, and not just trying to find happiness in a partner. In other words, don’t base all of your happiness on establishing a romantic relationship, see it as another source of happiness rather than the only source.

Being in a negative headspace won’t help you find a partner either.

Recognise some of the simple up-sides to being single:

  • You can lie in, without having to get up to see to the children.
  • You can hog the duvet for yourself and are not woken up by your partner’s snoring.
  • You can eat when it suits you, and watch TV to yourself without interruptions.

These are only simple and small things, and the list goes on, but the point here is to concentrate on the positives. This period has given many singles time to evaluate their life, and now they are coming out of the ‘other side’ knowing what they actually want from their life. Maybe they have decided on a new career, hobby, or serious relationship, perhaps even they have realised that they are actually happy being single for a while longer.

Please don’t put pressure on yourself to date. But if you decide to date via an online dating site, or dating app then don’t rush into it. Perhaps search for a smaller site, although a company like Tinder may have thousands of members and therefore seems like it offers a higher chance of finding suitable partner, it also means that there’s thousands more profiles to swipe through and this come becoming exhausting or overwhelming. Instead, take out time to write your profile and choose a recent and respectful photo of yourself because that will be the first thing potential matches will see.

If you don’t receive a response immediately, then that’s fine too. The right person is not there yet.

Don’t become obsessed and log in 24/7, but instead continue with your career and hobby plans, and chatting with your family and friends too because those are also relationships to nurture and be grateful for.

Lockdown isn’t forever, and love will come when it’s the right time.❤️


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