Since Old Style Dating services launched a couple of years ago we have been addicted to curating a positive dating journey for single professionals looking to find their life partner. Old Style Dating was born from the idea that there needed to be an injection of the old school way of doing things in modern dating.

Our founder Dennie, when helping her daughter figure out what online dating looked like, realised there was a lacking in accountability, morals, respectful attitudes and manners.

Knowing some incredible singles herself she knew that the space to navigate dating was lacklustre in many things that people were looking for that not only really matter in the beginning stages of forging connection but in keeping a romance alive for the longterm.

Voila, Old Style Dating was born and there’s no space for an algorithm here – OSD is run by Dennie and her team of dating and relationship experts. All applicants sign up to get vetted and thereafter they can get connected by chatting and conversing with like-minded, relationship-oriented singles (without any hint of hookup culture in sight) it’s been a revelation for the dating industry and such a niche service that attracts quality over quantity in people,

As Old Style Dating has gone from strength to strength the world has hit some unplanned surreal times which has meant not so many people have been able to get offline and meet the singles they have been chatting to in real life or on the other side of the coin there has been an uncertainty around online dating and how to navigate getting offline when and if they meet someone that sparks their interests.

All of this has gotten us to thinking about innovating yet again and we’ve been constantly mindful of how to keep incredible singles that are searching for romantic connection connected, even during the world’s most surreal times. We have teamed up with our relationship expert Sarah Louise Ryan who has specialised in international matchmaking for ten years to bring handpicked introductions, co-ordinated video dates and an impeccable service under the Old Style Dating umbrella.

Digital Dating was born in September 2020 to bridge the gap for singles looking for their soulmate to skip all the chit chat and dating dance that happens before a date and head straight to the conversation and seeing if there is a romantic connection. This kind of service is a cost-effective way of trying matchmaking services which would normally start around £5,000 in the UK and yet offers a more dedicated approach to to bringing people together than any online dating platform.

You might be wondering how it all works:

  • You enquire to be a part of digital dating
  • Making sure you have an old style dating profile
  • Our matchmakers will book in a skype time with you to get to know you better
  • We will then seek to find out more about the kind of person you are looking to meet
  • Upon invitation to Digital Dating we would then start our search for your potential suitors
  • We make connections without profiles but based on your lifestyle, wants and perceived compatibility
  • We co-ordinate your date and gather feedback after each connection so we can further refine your search
  • You will receive a minimum of 3 Digital Dates over a 6 month period

If you’re ready to get connected and straight onto dates, perhaps you feel a little like you’ve burnt out with all the online dating platforms, maybe you feel sick of all the swiping and looking to have real conversations with real people who are not only on your wavelength, but they are relationship-minded and have communicated to our matchmaking team that they have the same wants as you.

If you resonate with this we would love to hear from you email


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