If you’re stuck at home but still want to have a date movie night, the Netflix Party Chrome extension syncs up video across multiple devices on the top video-streaming service. It’s difficult to chose because everyone has different tastes so I’d say have a few up your sleeve – as you won’t know if your date is the romantic type or likes action or adventure. Or maybe a little fantasy! If you get the chance to ask those questions do. However in the case of having no information if they say ‘you choose’ you can’t go wrong with the classics. If you are looking for binge watching together then:

  1. The Bodyguard is great it only has 6 episodes although it is a thriller it soon becomes racy.
  2. Peaky Blinders is another, full of drama, action and racy too (women and men both love the bad boys).
  3. Lovesick, it’s funny and opens your eyes to the weird and wonderful world of dating. I think many could resonate with it and it could be a good talking point.

For Films: You can’t beat the classics:

  1. Dirty Dancing – which proves that love can conquer despite opposition to the relationship. Romantic and subtly sexy.
  2. Or perhaps Mama Mia, lots of upbeat classic music and dancing. You can sing along together, it’s a great back drop with a dollop of romance and love.

If your partner hates those, have a film on standby which takes them into the future world of Ready Player One.

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