Winter is here – and it’s time to couple up!

Taking the first steps to dating

Did you know that from around about now through to March is known as cuffing season? That’s because of the allure of getting ‘cuffed up’ – finding someone to make the short winter days and long winter nights a little less lonely. It does actually refer to cuffs as in handcuffs!

That means this is an excellent time to dip your toe in dating waters. Finding some warmth in the cold is a great motivation – so if you haven’t yet committed to looking for that special someone, why not let cuffing season be the spark to light your dating fire?

Finding genuine people

At Old Style Dating, we put the emphasis on manners and etiquette, honesty and respect. We vet all of our would-be members so that you don’t have to worry. There’s no fake profiles and no swiping left or right. We’re all for traditional values in a modern world rather than hook-ups – and that’s as true in cuffing season as it is any other time of the year.

Meaningful relationships

When you start dating, the end goal is a meaningful relationship and this can seem such a daunting prospect when you begin. But if you find the courage to put yourself out there and be authentic, who knows where this can take you. Today we are seeing a revival of personal ads as a rejection of the meat-market mentality of dating apps. There seems to be a yearning for nostalgia and dating is a part of that. We have always stood for this more rounded, polite approach.

For the same reason we aren’t surprised that the old-school personal dating ad is also making a comeback, we aren’t surprised that in cuffing season, our members continue to choose to let themselves shine through, communication with manners and respect.

Modern dating

We know that people are hungry to find more genuine connections online – something that isn’t always possible by everyday dating apps where you can simply add a selfie (maybe even with a cute filter) or even an emoji, but don’t really say much about person hiding behind the image. Modern-day apps work more like arcade machines than matchmakers — swiping left may be addictive but it’s not always a road to a lasting relationship.

Finding love

The cuffing season may be a great time to start looking for a relationship but there’s no need to rush head-long into a serious partnership. Relationships are wonderful , but they take time to develop. Don’t think cuffing season means you are guaranteed a ‘winter warmer’ coupling within days.

You may meet some lovely people this side of Christmas and by the time the spring comes around there are more new beginnings. The important thing to start, be kind to you and go for it!

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