Can you fall in love with online dating?

Yes you can. And quickly.

Times have changed. Traditional, respectful, old-fashioned dating has moved online.

It doesn’t have to be scary.

Years ago if someone said they had met their partner online, there was a bit of an awkward reaction. . . online dating had quite a stigma attached.

Now, that’s not the case as so many of us live such busy lives. Sure, we’ve all heard lots of people explain why they’re against online dating. But these days there are lots of advantages too.

We asked some daters what they love about online dating and here’s the top answers they gave us:

  • “I like getting to know someone before we meet”  – Lucy, 45
  • “I’m shy and I feel I can really be me“  Patrick, 54
  • “It’s a massive confidence boost“  – James, 38
  • “Getting started is easy“  – Suzanne, 50
  • “I’m picky so this works for me!“ – Samantha, 52
  • “I can go at my own pace“  –  Lloyd, 61
  • “Did I mention it’s cheaper?“  – Andrew, 49
  • “It feels safe“  – Alison, 37
  • “I’m spoiled for choice!“  – Shirley, 41

Here at Old Style Dating we do the swiping so you don’t have to.

Our biggest tips for success are:

  • Be yourself
  • Don’t be desperate
  • Don’t message just anyone
  • Check out profiles to make sure you’re compatible
  • Get your profile right
  • Make your first message a belter
  • Use humour and be honest

Check out lots more articles on our blog for more dating tips and stories.

Good luck and happy dating!

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