Traditionally, we know dating as two singles meeting in person having matched with each other on a dating site, app, at an event or perhaps meeting through friends. Upon meeting, said singles assess attraction, values, wants, interests and overall compatibility but during this time of COVID-19 it got us to thinking about what singles might do after quarantine and the changes in modern meeting we might see as dating experts.

Here are just 3 of many things that spring to mind when we think of post-pandemic dating.

1. We might see a more relationship-minded approach to dating.

In recent years we’ve seen a rise in what we refer to as the hookup culture moreover the conscious approach to finding a person to couple with. Now that we are advised by the UK GOV that we should not be intimate with others from other households, for those that are mindful of their health they may also be mindful of building on conversations and meaningful interactions with others rather than focusing on lust alone.

The hookup culture that so many singles with good values, manners and traditional ideas around dating have despised for so long may come crashing down and, at least to us, that’s a good thing.

2. We might see more singles try different ways of meeting online than we have in recent years.

Singles have felt, at least in our understanding, over saturated by swiping apps and meeting options that they’ve experienced dating burnout. Now with the normalised option of jumping straight to a video date, it might uncomplicated the interactions and communications in between the ‘match’ and the date.

This period of chatting can build excitement but it also often lead to lots of invested energy, pre-empting of wants and building something one of our Dating Coaches, Sarah Louise Ryan, calls pseudo-relationships without having a 3 dimensional view of that a person is really like.\

3. We may see more singles being ready to invest time, emotion, finances and efforts into dating.

Amongst many things, the world pandemic has shown us just how fragile life is and how precious it is. Rather than just going through the motions of dating, as so many have done for a long time, we may see a more conscious and consistent approach in the dating process.

Times like these remind us of our values, goals, wants, needs and non-negotiables in life and now, perhaps eradicating meaningless dating experiences alongside ensuring the process is positive may become non-negotiabale for many, as it should be.

Overall, we have seen singles across the UK connecting at Old Style Dating more authentically than ever before and we can see the increasingly incredible opportunities for singles to connect romantically during this time and most certainly thereafter.

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